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When we developed our signature bottle, we wanted the absolute best bottle we could use. We went with the square design, not just because of it’s identifiable, square shape.

We wanted our bottle to be a symbol of quality, as well as environmentally friendly.
A square bottle can be packed more economically, in less space, for shipping – using less packing material and reducing the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions from transporting our water.

We also went with PET1 for the bottle’s material, because it uses fewer material and energy resources in it’s transport and manufacture than glass, is extremely stable, impact resistant, and non-reactive. Because plant or bio-bottles use corn, a crop which competes with the food supply and is most often sourced from GMO and pesticide made product, we opted away from corn based products. At Canna Nano™ we are committed to environmentally conscious and sustainable practices, and we continue to look at new, innovative materials and processes as they become available.

Our bottles are biodegradable, 100% recyclable, BPA & BPS Free.

We are absolutely committed to recycling as our primary reduction in plastic waste, however because many bottles still end up in landfills, our PET1 bottles have an organic additive that enables them to biodegrade within landfill environments per ASTM D5511, on average taking between 9 months and 5 years to complete the process. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t recycle, that is absolutely our primary goal for all bottles as they are 100% recyclable, along with reusing our handy square bottle for other projects and storage.

Our bottle cap fits a standard spray bottle head – and makes a great bottle to hydrate your plants!


Because our products are hemp-derived, they’re legal in all 50 states.


PET1 is BPA Free and does not leach harmful materials into it’s contents

According to the PET Resin Association: “Less than 4% of the world’s oil production goes to produce all types of plastics, with PET accounting for less than ½ of 1 percent. PET is an inert plastic, does not contain BPA, and contrary to ‘popular’ belief, does not leach harmful materials into its contents — either when a beverage is stored unopened, or when bottles are refilled or frozen. Opened bottles can harbor bacteria, however, as will mugs, glasses or any other beverage container. Ideally, all drinking containers — including PET bottles — should be washed with hot, soapy water and dried thoroughly prior to reuse.”

PET bottles weigh less than glass and use less material, which reduces the carbon footprint of transport. PLA (plant-based) “plastic” bottles are usually a combination of petroleum and plant material, which sounds good on the surface, however they aren’t biodegradable and don’t always work within the normal recycling stream. Furthermore, it is likely they originate from GMO plant material.

Canna Nano™ uses a bottle that includes the rigorously tested additive for biodegradation, allowing our PET1 bottle to be biodegradable. With this odorless and tasteless organic additive, Canna Nano bottles naturally biodegrade in anaerobic (landfill) environments. They break down through microbial action into biogases and inert humus, and do not leave harmful materials behind. They are recyclable and can be mixed into the recycling stream with other plastic bottles.

The biodegradable process expands the molecular structure of the plastic, alters the polymer chain and adds nutrients and other organic compounds that weaken the polymer and attract microbial activity (creating an irresistible morsel). This activity subjugates in and around the plastic, and begins to quickly break it down.
An important characteristic of this additive is the ability to maintain the same physical properties (shelf life, texture, appearance, oxygen transfer rate, etc.) as traditional PET plastic bottles, as well as the ability to be recycled alongside traditional PET bottles.

Most plastic products on the market today cannot attract enough (if any) microbial activity to begin breaking down the polymer’s molecular structure, thus leaving the process of reclamation to light, heat, mechanical stress, and moisture.
Each of us has an obligation to act as environmental stewards to create a healthier earth to live in and pass on to future generations.

CBD Water

Nature Meets Innovation

We offer products that fit your healthy while being environmentally conscious. Live your life without worrying about your impact with our products.

Locally Sourced Water

Canna Nano™ waters are clean and pure water made from locally sustainable sources and made with the environment in mind.

Tested for Purity

We’re all about consistency, and our water is triple tested, non gmo, kosher, vegan, all-natural and made with organic materials.

99.9% All-Natural CBD

Our water-soluble, nano-sized particles containing Canna Nano CBD is typically 90% used by the body, compared to just 10% with leading competitors based on 100mg testing.


Because our products are hemp-derived, they’re legal in all 50 states.

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    Together, we at Canna Nano are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to all of our customers, and for future generations. With our products and combined high standards, we’re preserving the planet with renewable resources and sustainable practices.

    Nature Meets Innovation
    We offer products that fit your healthy lifestyle, while being environmentally conscious. Live your life without worrying about your impact with our products.