We’re proud to offer White Recluse® Hemp CBD Pre Rolls. These Ultra-Premium Hemp Joints are THC Free containing 0% THC – Legal in all 50 States in the USA.

These are the real deal! Starting with Top Quality, Exotic White Recluse CBD Flower that is THC Free and full flavor, full profile terpenes for maximum enjoyment. We wrap these bad boys in Genuine Raw® Natural Papers for a clean, even, long lasting burn. Finally, we dust them in 300mg of CannaNano CBD AC DC Crystalline. Get the best CBD Pre Roll on the market with White Recluse PreRolls.

Our Strawnana was careful bred as a High CBD Strain. It has the heavy scent of tropical bananas, with the sweet undertone of berries and earth. Strawnana gets it’s name from the Strawberry Banana flavor it is known for, like eating a tropical yogurt on the exhale. Most report a feeling of creativeness along with relaxed mood (calm), improved focus and nerves calmed. White Recluse High CBD Exotic Flower is full flavor and rich in natural hemp compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. We use Genuine Raw® Papers because they’re all natural, and made in the USA with no harsh chemicals or solvents. Beware of imitators with overseas laden ingredients, all of our products are made in the USA, lab tested and guaranteed.

It is important to note that these are completely THC Free, they will not get you high! They feature a large dosage of CBD for the benefits and traits of CBD, which effects everyone different. It is recommended you enjoy these with a friend.

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