We’re proud to bring you a delicious new product integrating high quality CBD with delicious artisan coffee. This is such a unique and flavorful blend that we guarantee you will enjoy it.

We start with 100% Arabica, small batch roasted coffee, that then goes through a dehydration process to make high quality, instant coffee. The coffee used was carefully selected for it’s quality by resident coffee connoisseurs, so this will please the palate. And because you just add hot water, this is the perfect product to take to work, travel, and anywhere on-the-go that you want the soothing effects of CBD, and need a daily perk.

When creating this product, the idea was to have the perfect drink for professionals, moms, anyone that needs a quick boost in a delicious beverage. The soothing effects of Ashwagandha was blended along with quality MCT coconut oil, so you actually get a little bit of froth cremá and it tastes more like a coffee latte with a hint of toasted mashmellow.

Made in the USA, this is a favorite among all ages, with FULL SPECTRUM CBD in a Keto Friendly, Low Carb Coffee. A great value at 16 servings and 400mg of CBD.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory, and may reduce anxiety, as well as acting as a powerful antioxidant. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that may normalize your body’s processes and provide sustained energy, where Coffee will provide an unwanted crash at times. Ashwagandha’s calming effects can also boost peak performance, countering Coffee’s possible side effects, such as the jitters. MCT coconut oil is a dietary fat that has been hailed as a natural fuel for the brain. It may improve cognitive ability, weight management, gut and heart health.